Sunday, 29 July 2012

Horus Heresy this Autumn!

Horus Heresy from Forgeworld has been confirmed at Chicago Games Day and GW's 'What's New Today'. I havn't been this excited for a long long time, I was literally giddy with excitement as I watched the video. So many prayers have finally been answered, not least f which is 'what codex should i use for my PH Thousand Sons?'. Autumn release suggests the first copies are going to be on sale at Games Day UK, which I probably won't be able to attend this year (curse the gods!).

In the meantime this means my Pre-Heresy Thousand have been bumped up to top priority, alongside my Deathwing and Chaos. By the looks of things, my wallet is going to be crying and pleading for mercy over the next few months, with DA, Chaos and FW Pre-Heresy dropping in very close proximity to each other.


  1. It's only book 1, I doubt it will have all the legions in it, you might be safe

  2. It'll probably have the Sons of Horus and the legions present on Istvann, meaning Thousand Sons would be a while longer.

    Big question is: are the rules for Primarchs in there?