Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Good Weather = Deathwing Progress

Today was scorching hot, so I decided to sit in the garden, enjoy some music and get some painting done. I settled on working on my Deathwing, with my friend finally returning them to me, nicely basecoated and having had my chaos dreams dashed by contradicting rumours about the release schedule. I've decided not to get more excited until pre-orders go up on Saturday

Anyway, onto my Deathwing...

This is how they were returned to me. Note the three blue ones which are Librarians, one for each discipline I'm planning to use.

As I sat down to paint, armed with a paintbrush, an ice-cold beer and Bob Marley on the stereo, they looked something like this...

 A few hours later, I'd made quite a bit of progress. I've decided only to tackle two squads at a time, to keep my morale up (I have 46 of them to paint after all)

As you can see, they're nowhere near done yet, but I'm taking my time with them. I'm hoping to do a good enough job on them to be my display army, so detail and care is being lavished on each and every one of them

 Since taking these pics, I've applied a further Gryphonne Sepia to the Crux Terminatus, followed by Badab Black, dulling them down nicely and stopping them from being the dominant feature of the models. I'm wondering whether a Gryphonne Sepia wash into the armour crevasses and joints would be a good idea or not. I might pick a model I don't like so much and give it a try.

What do you guys think?

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