Thursday, 10 January 2013

Heresy Progress

 There's still no sign of my Forge World order, despite an email from them saying it's finally been dispatched. I'm not allowing that hold me back though, as I have a huge pile of parts I've both accumulated from Bitz websites and scavenged from previous projects.

 First of all I've been working on Darrus Kyrbarr, the Sergeant of one of my Sons of Horus Tactical squads.

The idea behind this squad is that as a post-Istvann force, they're beginning their descent in chaos - hence the use of Chaos Space Marine parts, mixed with the 'classic' Pre-Heresy elements, like the greaved legs and cabled torso.
It's not clear from this picture, but also I've modified his Bolter so that the magazine is further forward than the 'modern' version of the gun. Here's a picture that shows it better (even if it doesn't show off the rest of the model so well)

All in all, I think he makes for quite a brutal, predatory-looking model, which suits the back story I'm writing for him. I'll post it up as the rest of the squad progresses and I get him fully finished, as the power fist still needs serious work before I start adding freehand Cthonian runes and glyphs to him

I've also been working on my Thousand Sons, but progress is as slow as ever (the keen-eyed amongst you might notice I've been working on this same guy for over a year).

Apart from his eyes, I'm finally happy enough with this guy to call him done. He's going to be performing double-duty as a member of a Legion Seeker Squad, or as a Sternguard Veteran when I'm not allowed to use the HH army list (Boo! Hiss!).

So there you go. I'll post more up soon, as I've got a few weeks off uni to really focus on hobby stuff. For now though, Happy Gaming!

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