Sunday, 13 January 2013

Barik Zorrin

Here's the first of my Justerian Terminators, Armed with a pair of duelling blades (counts-as Lightning claws).
The kit was a joy to put together, easily one of the best that I've had from Forge World. So much so that it's a real shame that my initial plan for my list doesn't include more of these guys.

The idea for using the swords as claws came from the fact that I refuse to buy several of the weapons kits just to get the mix of weapons I want in the unit. Instead I just took them from the Mk3 Weapons set (which is also fantastic, despite the price), giving him something a little unique to mark him out as the Elite of the Elite. With the DA book just out, I'd be very interested in seeing how these guys fare against the new Elite of the Elite: the Deathwing Knights.

Anyway, I'll post of the rest of his unit soon, plus their converted Dreadclaw transport, which I spent most of today building, causing much frustration (more on this later)

Happy gaming guys!

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