Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Rant, A Challenge and A Restoration

Ok big post today, but I havn't posted for a while, so I've got quite a bit to catch up on.

I'm going to start with a moan.

As you know, I recently bought myself a copy of Horus Heresy: Betrayal. It's a beautiful tome and seemingly well made. It's been sat pride of place on my hobby book shelf, looking suitably magnificent.

Disaster struck the other day though, when I took it down to check a fact whilst I was painting:

You see the problem? One of the corner protectors broke off. For a book costing so much, apparently being made to the highest quality and being less than two weeks old, this shouldn't have happened, especially with the care with which I've been treating it.

Not impressed at all.

On to happier things though, I've decided to challenge myself, having totalled up the price of everything I still need for my Sons of Horus, if I was to buy it all from Forge World.

Trying to save some money, I've bought a Tactical Squad boxed set and I'm going to see how easy it would be to make an entire pre-heresy squad from it. Should be interesting, although it will involve a lot of filing, cutting and adding of studs. If this works, I'll be able to add twice as many marines to my Sons of Horus for the same price as the FW squads. Wish me luck.

And so we come to the restoration...

I found this old flight case for £2 at a car boot sale:

Yes it's pretty battered and appears to be on its last legs, but I'm going to attempt to restore it to a usable condition, as it looks like it'll be perfect for transporting models in, instead of the awful GW cases that've been using, which can't hold vehicles on the few occasions where I want to use them.

As you can see, it came empty, so I can customise it to my exact needs:

I'm somewhat helped by the fact that the final result doesn't have to look particularly good, just be sturdy enough to hold up to a train journey a couple of times a week and hold a 2000 point army within it. With the right application of Gaffer Tape on the exterior and customised foam on the interior, I reckon it should do the job quite nicely

I'll let you know how I get on


  1. huh, do they come off that easy?
    That said I think it looks better without the corner bits. IMO

    And is that blood inside that case? O_O

  2. I like the corner bits. They've little aquilas stamped on them. Not going to complain too much about their loss, but i expected better for such an expensive book.

    Haha, it's just rips in the foam lining. It's pretty beaten up.