Sunday, 20 January 2013

Here it is

Ok, time to explain the mysterious thing...

 It's a Dark Mechanicum Battle Engine, partially inspired by Dave Taylors recent work on his own Adeptus Mechanicus.

I based it loosely off the descriptions of the Kaban Engine from the HH Series, but with my own spin on it.

In game, it's designed to be used in a number of roles, mostly as a Rapier Laser Destroyer, but it can also be a Dreadnought at a push, or anything on a 60mm base.

It started as a way to avoid shelling out £30 plus postage of a Rapier from FW, plus a way of including something in my HH force that wasn't in Power Armour, but it then grew into something more. It could conceivable be used in all my 40k forces (barring perhaps my Space Wolves), from my Blood Pact, to my Thousand Sons, CSM, Daemons, or, as I said, my Sons of Horus. It really is just a fun little build more than anything though, starting simply with a Ping Pong Ball and some spare Drop Pod bits and letting it grow from there. I plan to build several of these with the other Ping Pong balls I have (I got 12 for £1), so expect more weird and wacky creations from me in the future.

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