Monday, 8 March 2010

Soul Drinkers returning

Looking at the latest batch of BA rumours,it's sounding more and more like my quest for the perfect codex for fielding my Soul Drinkers with is finally at an end.

I'm aware,this is all working from rumours, so it could be completely different when the book's actually out, but this is what i'm thinking, working from the most recent stuff i've heard

5 Reasons why i'm liking the New BA codex

- Sarpedon

Whether i use Mephiston or a generic Librarian, i feel that Sarpedon will live up to how i imagine him under the BA codex. Blood Stasis looks alot like I imagine The Hell to be, slowing down the enemy and making them hurt themselves in their fear.

Also, using Quickening makes him a Beast! (literally, not the metaphorical combat kind)

One thing's for sure though. I won't miss Sarpedon dying every single game!

-Stormraven Gunship.

A flyer without a model - a converters dream! The Soul Drinkers often used captured fliers in the books, even some of Xenos origin and this is seems the perfect way to bring that element into my Soul Drinkers army

- Chapter Master Seth

aka. Tellos . Current rumours point to him having a Canis Wolfborn-like ability to boost his attacks when there's more models in contact with him, plus additonal hits if the enemy miss him as he takes advantage of their mistake. Perfect for the down and dirty fighting style of Tellos.

Plus, i don't have to put Tellos on a Canis-sized base to field him, woop!

- Chaplain Lemartes

aka. Chaplain Iktinos. The move to from HQ to squad upgrade character makes me very happy, as the mysterious Chaplain can now be fielded alongside Sarpedon and Tellos - together these three characters define the Chapter.
Using up to 4 characters was the main motivation behind me trying to make the force work with the SW codex in the first place. I'll most likely lose Luko with the switch to BA, but it's a price i'm willing to pay if the main three are still there.

Plus, him being a Death Company Squad leader means i can use the DC to represent his 'Flock'

- Troops Choice Assault Marines

These give me a little flexibility in the kind of Soul Drinkers force I can take, theming it towards different Soul Drinkers 'factions'.

I can put Tactical Squads in there to represent the bulk of the chapter, or i can go all-Assault Marines, led by Tellos/Seth to represent Tellos' followers who were left behind on Stratix Luminae (an awesome idea in my opinion!)

what do people think?

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  1. For one, they are not rumours. The details posted recently (and copied on the Primarchs) are confirmed from the US preview copies. We just don't know the points costs.

    I say go for it. If it is the list that works best for them, make it so!