Wednesday, 10 March 2010

GW has interesting scenarios again!

GW have just put this up on their site

here it is

it's a new battle mission, apparently the first of many new ones they'll be putting up.

The main thing i find interesting that it's reactive warfare, rather than the 'i go, you go' system. The Attackers and Defenders shooting phases are switched round, making for a nicely flowing battle.

I'd like to see this as the start of a rebirth for GW. I've really missed their scenario archive ever since it was taken down from their site nearly 3 years ago and if they keep putting great stuff like this up, i'd be a very happy chappy

I can't wait to test this out down my local club, if i can find anyone willing to play it with me


  1. I love the defensive fire rule, I hope this is the start of something good from GW.

  2. Yeah, i hope so too.

    I've got this crazy theory that they may be testing the waters for 6th edition, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

  3. Good find. I shall take a look later and see about adding it to the missions document for future leagues.

  4. I'm not all that impressed with it after reading it. I like missions that have definable goals not ones that change the flow of the game.