Saturday, 27 March 2010

Friday Top Ten #3

It was pretty slim pickings this week, but i put that down to a lot of bloggers preparing for Adepticon. What i did find though was excellent stuff.

1. This Bonecrusher by Mike Howell is awesome. I really don't see enough of these about

2. Repentia are such nice models to paint, as BJ at Extremis Diabolus proves here. Shame about the rules though

3. This Witch Hunter, by Andy over at The Lair of the Breviks caught my eye

4. Inq28 has painted this. Not sure if it's a Rogue Trader, Inquistors henchman, or what, but it's seriously cool

5. An excellent Crimson Fist sergeant from Dakka Dakka Daz

6. Ottawa Gamer has a nice analysis of the new BA codex.

7. Col. Corbane posted a great tutorial for trees and foliage

8. These Drop Troopers by Side Streaker are amazing. I'll be watching this army with great interest

9. Atrotos from the Rules Manfactorum discusses the seemingly inevitable return of Herohammer

10. I've had my eye on these Slitherbugs by Rob Baer for a while now, but this Tyrant is particularly awesome

And finally...

Honorary Mention

Incunabulog has posted a review of the best model of all. This made me smile considering what the near future may hold for me

Just an announcement, there won't be Top Ten for the next two weeks, owing to the fact that i'll be at a music festival on Mersea Island on the Easter weekend and at my relatives the week after. Should be back in three weeks time though, so watch this space.


  1. Thanks for the link matey, glad you liked the tutorial.

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  3. Cheers from me too! Much appreciated. :)

  4. Sorry - I missed the link to my blog until now. Thanks! Sounds like you might get to review one of these yourself, one day ;)