Monday, 1 March 2010

Manticore has a bath

I've attacked my Manticore with several liberal washes with Badab Black and Devlan Mud, as well as filling in many of the fine details, such as the silver metalwork and the rivets. It's getting there. Admittedly, it's slow progress, but i'm proud of what little i'm getting done.

The Storm Eagle Rockets are still on the painting table and I found the last Rocket down the back of my desk last night, although it's too late now to get it primed, painted and done by thursday, so it'll have to wait for now and go with the three-rocket idea.

I've pretty much got everything i need for this campaign at least partially painted now. It's just a matter of knuckling down and getting them done when i get a chance. Easier said than done though, what with exam season approaching fast and two Final Major Projects to do, as well as a missus to keep happy, but i'll get there eventually.


  1. cant wait to blow it up in a game :P

    I have always been tempted with one in the old rules (IA) but not anymore, they used to be ap3 so much better! but for 160 points it isnt bad in bigger games I think (:

  2. ap 4 is underrated, when you consider it's strength 10 too. Even marine worry about about multiple strength 10 pie plates falling on them each turn, especially as it's instant death-ing them if they fail the save

    I used it against Marks 'nids last week and whole broods were dissappearing each turn!

  3. It would kill them anyway, having only one wound each. Quite frankly, of all the mechanised stuff you could have taken, this the propbably one of the few that I don't worry about quite so much.

  4. I was having a discussion with a mate of mine on this very thing yesterday -even Chapter Masters don't have eternal warrior! Only Lysander and Calgar have, if i remember rightly, and failed 2+ saves happen more often than you'd think.

    With Manticores, most characters get pasted just as easily as marines, thats why i like it. Plus, saturation barrages are nice

    Plus, that's all i have, big tank-wise

  5. For some reason everyone seems to think that marine SC's are all EW'ed up and they aren't.

    Vehicles like Manticore's are great on a psychological level. Your opponent is just going to look at all those chunky missiles and worry.

  6. that's what i mean, only Calgar and Lysander have it, most of the other characters will go down just as quickly as a tactical marine to a manticore

    haha, yeah, another reason why i like them - they're 160pts of KILL IT! KILL IT!! KILL IT!!!