Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Top Ten #4

Well i'm back from my break. I've been music festival-ing got rained on, soaked, covered in mud and frowned on by relatives upon my return, but it's been a good few weeks.

Anyway, now i'm back with all sorts of ideas for projects, which i'll be posting up over the next few weeks

And without further ado, here's the top ten

1. Drathmere has come up with a novel way of storing your paint pots

2. Zombieburger 40,000 has an awesome Nurgle Rhino

3. A neat objective marker from Heresy Workshop

4 Ron has painted a cool Space Hulk Librarian. There seem to be a lot of Space Hulk models cropping up online recently - 6 months on and it looks like people are finally getting round to it

5. Akenseth is working on a Medusa conversion. I've been considering doing the same thing myself

6. FoxPhoenix is making a Hive Fleet. As an evil genius, i approve of this

6. Some awesome crest helmets from Mister Justin

7. Zen 40,000 has painted a neat Rhino. I don't like them but they eep catching my eye recently

8. Painter with no Name has made the coolest option in the new BA codex.

9. TheMightyFlip has painted a very nice sniper dude

10. Titans are cool. Two are even better, as Siph_Horridus proves

Edit: just realised i accidentally have number 6 twice - looks like it's a Top Eleven this week -consider it a bonus to make up for me being away for two weeks


  1. hurrah! I made a top ten list. Should I mention now that it is a good idea to make sure the metal strip that the pots are magnetized to stays on the wall? ;)

  2. Two top ten spots in the same week? Now I just feel privileged! Thanks for the approval!

  3. Well it is a rather fine Bioship, so it's giving credit where credit's due