Monday, 26 April 2010

Assorted Progress

This is my hobby space. A complete tip, i know, but I've been a bit busy recently. What you're seeing is the detritus from both my hobby and my college FMP.

This is how what you're seeing breaks down to consume all my free time

Now you might be thinking I'm insane to try and undertake all these projects at once, but really all my armies are constant WIP's. There is no such thing as a finished army in my book.

On that note, here's what I've been doing recently

Cold One Knights

I've decided i really don't like the green, so I'm probably going to repaint them as a deep red, fitting into the Khainite theme I'm trying to get throughout my force.

Sorceress Luhna

I've lost her staff arm, so I'm looking round for something to replace it it at the moment. I might sculpt up more magical energy swirling round her to cover it

A Black Ark Corsair. Again, after painting it, I've decided i really don't like the green, so his cloak is probably going a deep red

And finally Master Allas Hyron, youngest son of the Hyron family and commander of my DE forces. All i did with him is essentially a touch up, flocking the base and neatening up the edge of the robes. At some point i might give him red robes instead, but for now i think the purple makes him look suitably regal, as well as differentiating him from the Khainite forces (he's not religious - the temple is just a tool in his plans to gain power)

What do people think?


  1. I agree with your WIP philosophy... and full sympathies with the chaotic workspace as well; I think it fair to say that you've genuinely taken it to the next level. Tremendous.

    With regard to the Corsair, I quite like the green, but I also must say that deep red and gold make a stunning combination.

  2. I too have full sympathies for the chaos. For a very long time we have referred to my gaming closet as "the warp" ... often lamenting ... "ah tis lost in the warp" ... many fine models and ideas have been lost in there ... only to re-emerge years later in a slightly different form. As for your Dark Elves I'd say they are looking good man! Grats so far and best wishes for continued awesomeness :)