Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Top Ten #5

This weeks been a long week for me, with final major projects eating up nearly all my time, but i still found time to unearth these gems of our hobby.

1. Right off the bat, Sytus has painted an Imperial Navy pilot. nearly 5 years on and it's still and awesome model.

2. Wallshammer discusses breaking the mold

3. An awesome Ork Humvee from Da Green Skins. hmmmm... i'm getting ideas now

4. Erik A has cool trees. Normally i avoid those GW plastic trees, but he's made them work

5 A Gentlemans Ones documents his epic one man struggle with a Realm of Battle board. Here, Here and Here

6. Bushido Red Panda has an jaw-dropping Sanguinor. I hate the model, but love this paint job

7. ThePete shows us how he makes plastic Stormtroopers

8. This Space Wolves standard bearer is just all kinds of awesome. Kudos to J Croxford.

9. Feeling down? Feel free to have a hug from this beauty by Sam

10. And finally, there's this jawdropping Terminator Assault Squad from Roleplayer

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