Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hrogar and Mjor

 Here's two more members of the White Wolves, Hrogar and Mjor Darkhunt.

You've seen Hrogar before, but I've finally finished him off. He's nothing much though, just a rank and file member of the pack, yet to even earn his own saga.

On the other hand, we have Mjor Darkhunt, another of my favourites from the pack

Mjor is a possessed of a keen sense of stealth and a hunters instinct that puts him in good stead to carry a power fist into battle, for what are vehicles other than larger, tougher versions of the beasts the Rout hunt across the wastes of Fenris?

He is a man of few words. Indeed he rarely even removes his helm, a MK VI variant from the time of Russ, encrusted with runes of concealment, the better for tracking his prey and avoiding the eyes of the enemy whilst on the approach. Often, the first warning the enemy have of his presence is the arc of blue energy heralding their imminent death.

When not in battle, he spends most of his time in isolation, prowling the lower gun decks of the 'Lokhir's Heart', away from his pack mates. What he stalks in the shadowy depths of Tra's flagship though remains a mystery to all but him, for he refuses to speak of his prowlings to any man, be they Jarl or Shield-Brother.

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