Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Master of Signal WIP

Forgeworld have put up the Legion Champion and Master of Signal set. While I've just put in a large order, I was a week too early to grab those guys at the same time. I would've probably only ended up using the Master of Signal anyway, so I ended up building my own:

 If i grab the set later, this guy can always be demoted to a vox-operator in a Tactical Squad, but for now he makes a nice HQ choice.

I tried to get across the impression that this guy is a veteran who's served alongside my Praetor since they were inducted into the legion together on Cthonia - hence the massive beard. The head is plucked straight from the Space Wolves sprue and his backpack is simply the IG vox caster.When I get paid I'm going to be picking up some guitar strings to cut up and add cables linking it to his suit, but for now I'm happy with how he's turned out.

Completing him has given me the two main characters to lead my force, so my next step is to start work on my Veteran Tactical Squads in mkIII armour when my order arrives. Hurry up Royal Mail!

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