Thursday, 29 November 2012

Terminator Wolf Priest WIP

While I wait for my FW order to arrive, I've been working on my Space Wolves. This time I've been working on a Wolf Priest in Terminator Armour, completing my quartet of HQ choices.

I'm undecided on a name and title for this guy at the moment, but I wanted him to look as aggressive as possible - something hard to convey within the limitations imposed by having him in Terminator Armour. The blood splatters on his base and the blooded Fang of Morkai help though, i think.

He was built mainly straight from the basic terminator box, with a few additions, like the crozius made from spare parts from the SW sprue and the totem pole, thrown together from a quick root through my bitz collection, but all in all, he was very simple to make.

It might not be obvious from this photo, but he's got a combi-plasma in his right arm, with a Reductor from the Grey Knight Termintor kit slung underneath. This, much like it does on my other Priest, helps emphasise the dual role he plays within the chapter, as spiritual leader and Apothecary in one.

He just needs a few runes freehanded onto his shoulder pads and he'll be ready to take his place amongst the Rout. Hopefully I'll get him done this week

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