Saturday, 12 September 2009

SM Command Squad commission

This command squad is part of an ongoing commission for a gaming buddy of mine, who's just getting into 40k, but only has time to game, rather than build and paint.

So far i've painted up the contents of Black Reach for him and i'm expecting a Land Raider to be handed to me any day now, which should be interesting, as my own land raider ended up as an ork battlewagon.

He wanted to keep the feel of the command squad relatively low key, hence the lack of ornate shoulder pads, etc. He also didn't like the knight-like head for the company champion, so the champion has a normal SM helmet. Unfortunately, my computer ate the close-up pic of the champ, so i can't show you properly.

He requested that the Sergeant had a plasma pistol, so i raided my bitz box for that one, but other than that, it turned out rather nicely straight off the sprue. With no green stuff work involved, this project is a nice shift of focus for me. There's something very satisfying about making great looking models straight off the sprue, with no modding work to 'jazz them up'.

All that remains now is to file off mold lines and paint them up. Then i can move on to Space Hulk, woop!

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