Sunday, 27 September 2009

GD UK morsels

This is stuff i gleaned from my GD experience

Just got back from UK GD and i don't know what you guys have heard, but i got the following...

Contrary to what people were led to think, and what GW store staff were told, the SW codex was not on sale, although there were plenty of display copies about. I had a look and it looks immense and non-broken

I spoke to Kenton Mills at the Forge World stand about the possible evolution of design for the Ork Mega Dread into Knight class titans and he said they were a possibility, but if that happened, they'd be in a book based around Ad Mech. Same for the Warlord Titan.

Speaking to Jervis Johnson about various things, I found the following:

Dark Eldar are still in works, no definate date for them yet, but he once again mentioned redoing the models from the ground up, interestingly,talking to him about my own Dark Eldar army, he said that he 'hoped' that the models i own would still be usable in the new 'dex. Make of that choice of words what you will.

No more GW design podcasts, instead he said he's 'leaving that up to the community who have the expertise for podcasts'

When asked about any upcoming Dark Elf plastics, he said he couldn't say, but then went on at great length about second wave releases. Hmmm...

Interestingly, there were very few dark elf items at the sales stand, with no chariots, manticores, dragons or harpies etc and not a single blister pack(possibly indictating a withdrawal of products ready for new plastics)I also was informed that manticores had been moved to the collectors range when i asked for one. Since when has that been like that?

There is an Ultramarines CGI movie on the way.

I found an interesting WIP that a forgeworld staff member describes as like a Valkyrie for SM's, sort of like an orbital lander. Apparently, he's waiting for it to be approved by the forge world head honchos.

Tyranid codex is confirmed, but thanks to BOLS, you all know that already. Hope they improve the cover

Oh, and my favouite Golden Deamon entry...

More GD pics to come

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