Sunday, 27 September 2009

Games Day Morsels pt2 Squats!!

The WD modelsfor 2010 looks very squat-ish to em. And it's on a round base, so can't be a dwarf. Unfortunately, i didn't get a pic in time, so we got to wait for it to be published. Well they did say they were unveiling something big for games day, and that seems to be the only thing that fits the bill.

Speaking to Graham McNeill, he said that the next Ultramarine book will have the ENTIRE chapter going to war. This will be amazing if done right, even if it is smurfs. I don't think anything like that has been done outside of HH.

Little titbit of info for you. After a chat with the WD team, i found out that majority of the models used in WD battle reports are actually early resin castings, as the restraints of working so ahead of time often means they don't have the plastics yet (they're working on february's issue atm). Also, for the same reason, they often don't have access to final drafts of rules, meaning points costs and some rule wordings are off.
Basically this means that you shouldn't turn to WD battle reports for resolving rules/ wording issues with a new codex or army book.

If you look in the back of the free BL preview booklet, it talks about a Raven Guard HH audio book on the way, called Ravens Flight, detailing the events of/ directly after the Istvaan Drop Site Massarce, as Corax tries to escape the carnage. Should be interesting.

More as i remember it, folks. I forgot to take notes, haha!


  1. It's annoying coz i had a notepad in my bag just to jot stuff down, but then forgot about it when actually there.

    But i've pretty much got the jist of it down already anyway. I missed the greens for plastic Tallarns while i was there, but that seems pretty much it.

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