Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dark Elf insanity!

I woke up this morning/lunchtime to an email from my local gaming club organiser, reminding me that the fantasy battle league starts tonight. It's a 1500 pts league and i have just under 700 points of Dark Elves, as i can't use my black dragon at that level.

Most people would've just given up at this point, citing time restraints on constructing such a force, but note me.

Reading the email, i realised that the models only have to be built, not painted. I also have about £200 spare cash sitting in my bank account, doing nothing at the moment, as i was saving it for Games Day this sunday. Therefore, if i dip into that fund and if I can put up with an infantry-based list for a few weeks, then i reckon with a monumental effort, i'll be able to get a (at least usable) army together in time for 7pm tonight, even if it's not going to win me any games.

With this in mind, i'm off into town to pick up the following

2 boxes of warriors, to be build as crossbowmen
1 box of corsairs
1 box of cold one knights
1 Manticore
Hopefully 10 executioners, or if my FLGS doesn't have them in, i'll go without for this week.

Wish me luck, i'll post up the results

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