Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Out of production, my arse!

Got back from Holland on monday and it's taken me this long to recover. I had an... interesting time

Right off the bat, The Wandering Mind is staying as blog title. I've decided for all the reasons i listed last week, plus the feedback I got, that the name is far cooler than anything else i could come up with, so it stays.

Now on to the reason for my post. One afternoon whilst I was in Wassenar, Holland (about an hour train ride from Amsterdam) I took a wander through town. I spotted a Games Workshop sticker in one window so I decided to look in. Much to my surprise. I found this beauty for sale on their blister pack rack!

For those of you that don't recognise it, it's a classic Zoanthrope that's meant to have been out of production for three or four years now.

Unsurprisingly, I bought it on the spot, as i knew that i'd have Space Hulk waiting for me when i got back to the UK and i'm planning to convert the genestealers so they could be used in 40k too (i'm covering this in a future post). But looking through, it would seem that the place hadn't taken a delivery of blister packs for years. I saw the classic space marine commander blister (the one with axe and combi-weapon) and Killa Kans still being sold as blister packs, instead of boxes. It was like stepping into a 40k time warp. Now, i don't know what the deal is with european countries and supply from GW, but isn't this a little strange. Can anyone shed any light on it for me?

I'll say this though. The older Zoanthrope looks a lot easier to put together than the newer one. i've already got two of the more recent ones and i've found that their huge heads tend to make the model very top heavy, so i have to stick stuff to their bases to keep them upright in a game. The classic one however, has better proportions and can even be put together without the carapace, making for some very cool conversion oppotunities. I'll let you guys know how i get on.

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  1. I've found quite a few OOP blister throughout Europe over the years. I think it had to do with the smaller player base, and things just not selling out as fast. I also know that for years models that were OOP in one country could be ordered through another, I think that had to do with each country getting a stock and when it was out, it was out.