Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Frustrated wouldn't even come close to what i'm feeling now

The package was only dispatched today, so it's not going to be here for 3-5 working days, essentially cutting off all painting and modelling until it turns up.

So instead i'm posting up more pics

Genestealer which i painted up in fit of Space Hulk rumour-induced excitement

My Iron Hand Straken, which I started paintig up the the day before the news of the the new model was announced. I might paint up a Chaos Space Marine champion to represent him, as the stats for him are closer to a space marine champion than an imperial guard commander, no matter how good he is. Obviously, i'll still need the official model for stuff like tournaments, etc, but for pick up games i'll be using the champion. Another thing to add to the 'when the paint arrives' list

Binky. Painted up in an experiment to see if the genestealer scheme could be carried over to the rest of the the tyranid army.

WIP Ork Warboss i'm working on. Needs some serious work, but i ran out of Badab Black and the various shades of green i needed at the wrong time. The idea behind him is that he's Igork after the campaign i've been playing recently. In the final battle he got caught in the charge of Chapter Master Shan of the Steel Avengers. He took the Commander down, but got taken down as well in the process, so i'm saying he survived, but was subjected to the attentions of his over-eager Painboyz, hence the bionic elements. I like to remodle my commanders occasionally, so they seem to gain a history and life of their own.

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