Friday, 24 July 2009

Avatar of Cegorach?

I've had an idea for a really cool addition to the Harlequin-themed army i'm planning. An Avatar of the Laughing God!

I got the idea from reading through my back issues of WD and found a Laughing God model, which someone named Bryan Shaw painted for Los Angeles games day in 2003. The model, as far as I can tell is simply a Deceiver model painted up in a Harlequin-style colour scheme with the necrons on the base removed.

This got me thinking that this could be a great alternative model to the Avatar of Khaine, which i've wanted to include in my WIP all-harlequin force for a while now, but never made it in, through dint of being devoted to the wrong god, but this way it can use the same rules, just instead it looks like it belongs in a force devoted to Cegoarch, rather than Khaine

So, what do people think? The pic's on page 142 of UK WD 300 if you're interested


  1. Bryan's a regular opponent and acquaintance of mine on the AZ circuit. That particular model is one of those that makes you want to break your brushes because you know you'll never equal it... As a note, the model actually has a number of conversions beyond removing the Scarabs, but they're rather subtle and only notable in a side by side comparison.

    If you give the Necron codex fluff a good read, there's some pointers there that suggest that Cegoarch and the Deceiver are actually one and the same. The big debate is if the entity was a C'tan that infiltrated the Old Ones or an Old One that masquerades as a C'tan.

    The way you're proposing is actually how Bryan uses that model. It's the right size, obvious what it counts as, and gives you something different than the usual bloody handed guy. I say go for it.

  2. I've always been interested in the connection between the Laughing God and the Deceiver. That's why i was drawn to the Harlequins and this model in particular.

    Personally, i feel that the Laughing God is not the Deceiver nor even the other way around. I think the Laughing God took on the form of a C'tan to mock them, thus leading to the confusion between the two.

    I also think that the references will be retconned with the next necron codex

    I know i'll never be able to match a Golden Demon winner's abilities with a paint brush, but I see my Harlequin army as an excercise in improving my painting skills, so I think something like the Laughing God/ Deceiver will be a suitable challenge for me. I'd imagine a lot of subtleblending is involved