Monday, 13 July 2009

Psyker Squad WIP

These are my first attempt at sculpting more than just details, so i decided to stick to simple shapes, hence the large amount of huge eyes.

Basically, i'm aiming to use these as a Psyker Battle Squad in my traitor guard army. They're at the stage where the basic shaping and 'muscles' are done, but i still need to do the details, which i plan to do tonight.

If you're new to sculting, i'd definately recommend using existing models as the basis for your work, even if it's just to form the shape of the torso. I say this because one of the most difficult things to make is that all-important basic shape that will define the entire model.
Doing this also cuts a stage out from the overall process as it's a pre-made 'skeleton' for the miniature. In the case of my Psyker Squad, the main models i used as a basis were Black Reach Orks with the arms removed, which seem ideal for making hunchbacked and deformed mutants. I also used some old tyranid parts i had knocking about.

Right, that's enough rambling from me, on to the pics. Any thoughts and/or constructive criticism are welcome, as i'm still not 100% sure on them. Soory they're not the best quality photo's, but my camera's on the blink again.

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