Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Mime is a terrible thing to waste

A nice shiny parcel from GW arrived this morning, containing a Deceiver boxed set and blister pack of three classic eldar rangers.

Naturally, i didn't pass up the chance to crack them open as soon as possible and get going.

Now i have two very-nearly painted mimes(rangers) on my desk and work has begun painting up the avatar of the laughing god.

Pictures once i find my camera

EDIT: Pics are here. The pic of the Deciever/ Avatar aren't the best, but it's all i could do.

A few of the base colours have been applied. I think i need new pot of tentacle pink, as it doesn't seem to look right when applied to any models any more.

The Mime's are going to have slightly more muted colour schemes that the other Harlequins, denoting their role as infiltrators and espionage experts. Also, what's the point of Mimes who don't wear black and white?

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