Monday, 29 June 2009


I have a drop pod, paints and glue all somewhere in the depths of the Postal Service at the moment, so i can't do anything hobby wise until they arrive, which is a shame really seeing as all my Soul Drinkers need is another Drop Pod and a paint job on the Vangaurd Veterans and they're at 2000 points AND i've got no more exams so i can settle down and actually get some done. Typical.

Sigh. Maybe tommorrow

Anyway, i see this as an ideal oppotunity to post up a list of my hobby projects over the next few weeks.

Finish my Soul Drinkers, then wait for Sarpedon to arrive

Complete the modelling on 'The Beast'

Turn one of my Chimeras into a Deathstrike launcher (i'll be covering the process on here)

Make a start on the painting of my Malus Darkblade-led Druchii, as they are in this state at the moment, plus twenty corsairs and one painted Cold One Dread Knight:

Of course, this all depends on how quickly the parcel of paint turns up.

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