Monday, 29 June 2009

Planetstrike and Me

I've been watching the approach of Planetstrike with mixed feelings. Nothing that was published or leaked about it seemed particularly interesting to me. But I got the new White Dwarf yesterday, covering the planetstrike releases and i have to say, i've been converted (what's not to like about flaming spaceship debris falling from the sky!) and i've been feverishly finishing off my drop-pod based Soul Drinkers in time for it.

I wasn't convinced by the Ironclad when i got the GW preview email a month or so ago, with the banner and HK missiles, thinking it looked ugly in a bad way, with the overly bulky missiles, oddly patterned hull and banner. I think GW made a seriously bad decision when they chose which of the studio's models was going be sent out as a sneak preview, as i don't know about anyone else, but it nearly cost them my business in the dreadnought department.

But seeing the one with what looks like smoke launchers attached to its hull in White Dwarf, I'm convinced that the Ironclad kit might actually be worth £25 of my hard-earned money.

What's more, looking at the pictures in WD, it looks like the front can be left open, giving me the idea to model the wounded marine suspended inside, replacing the visor plate with clear plastic.

Dreadnought with fully modelled and painted interior is on the way!

However, looking at the pics of the land speeder storm, i've realised that it doesn't come with a squad of scouts and, to make matters worse, the scout passengers you get seem to come it just one pose, as no matter what chapter they come from, all of them look the same. Damn. Conversion work is going to be needed.
Still looks cool though and i'm currently trying to figure out how to justify three of them in my Soul Drinkers army. Might even kitbash a few as Deffkoptas for my orks.

The terrain's been firing off all sorts of ideas in my mind too. I'm thinking of making a mountain fastness with two Bastions, a set of defence lines and a few bits of foam.

In other news, assault cannon armed razorbacks are going to be easy, what with the land raider accessory sprues being released next month. I picked a bad time to collect a themed army. I'm tempted to start a Salamanders army just to have all this stuff!

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