Thursday, 8 August 2013

Conversion Beamer conversion

(No pun intended in the title)

I'm looking at testing all the Centurion/Consul options in the HH Legion list. After the dismal performance of my Primus Medicae (didn't do that much beyond what an Apothecary could do for half the points), I'm moving swiftly on to a Forge Lord.

Essentially it's a Master of the Forge, only better (until the new SM book next month, at least). He has the ability to take upgrades from both the Centurion and Techmarine entries, making him quite versatile.

Looking through what I could take, I was spoiled for choice. After toying with the idea of a Graviton gun, I settled on arming him with a Conversion Beamer. The idea really appealed to me. It gives a rather tasty large template weapon to help with anti-horde, (something that Legion lists can struggle with in certain styles of builds), add in the fact it has serious marine killing potential at extreme range, plus it looks really cool to boot

To field a Conversion Beamer though, I first had to build one. Now, I didn't fancy buying the FW Techmarine that carries one, so I set about making my own:

Not bad for ten minutes work, even if I say so myself. It's just a shame that Centurions can't have master-crafted weapons - re-rolling the scatter on it would be brutal!

What do you guys think?

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  1. Looks good can't wait to see the rest of the model.