Monday, 19 August 2013

BFG Cruisers

 Continuing with my BFG progress, I have WIP's on my Styx and Devastation class Cruisers to show you.

My Styx has been named the Bloody Mummer and is quite an extensive conversion from a standard cruiser, with the addition of Imperial launch bays and armour plating, turning it into a wallowing tub of a carrier, as befits the massive troop movement capabilities needed for a Legion-scale deployment.

Of all my converted ships, this is the one I'm most happy with. Most people don't even realise that it's a conversion until it's pointed out to them, which I see as the highest compliment that anyone can give a converted model.

It still needs a lot of work done to it though, not least of which is a liberal going over with Badab Black (or whatever it is these days). It's served me well in battle already though. The last game I played with it saw it unleashing wave upon wave of Dreadclaws, allowing its CSM crew to cripple both a Mars and Gothic class in as many turns, gutting the former with internal fires and collapsing the shields on the latter so my squadron of Slaughter's to finish it off.

The Mtophep's Light (name still open to change) is a Devastation class, although I've built it so that it can be used as a Styx class in larger games. As you can see, it's in Thousand Sons colours. The fluff I'm writing for it is that it's a battered survivor of Prospero, having fled before the Space Wolves before the trap could fully shut around the system.

I originally built it so I could have a ship from each of the 30k Legions in 40k which I play represented in my fleet, but as I started building it, it kind of grew and grew. It's turned into quite a fun project as I kept on adding to it to create an eclectic and grand looking vessel such as the XVth Legion is likely to field.

Of all my ships that I've been painting, the Mtophep's Light has the furthest to go before I can call it done, but it's not high on my priority list atm, as I don't use it in my 'mainstay' fleet and is only brought out for larger games. The plan was to paint a load of escort vessels for it, but GW withdrawing their Specialist Games range has kind of scuppered that until I can find some good deals on Ebay (could be a while, as BFG stuff is going for stupid prices atm)

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