Sunday, 18 August 2013

BFG progress

In between bouts of pondering the ethics of quitting a game, I've actually managed to get some painting done this week! I know, wonders will never cease..

Anyway, I've made some progress on my BFG fleet.

In the interests of allowing me to talk about each ship in turn, without making this an insanely long post, I will cover the progress I've made over several posts.

With that in mind, I shall begin: Allow me to present the 'Lady Amelia', an Acheron class cruiser, serving the Emperors Children legion during the Great Crusade:

This has had quite an interesting life, starting life as Rogue Trader cruiser and being built originally to serve as a Dauntless. Then I switched to Chaos as the basis for my Legion fleet and I found that the Dauntless had no direct counterpart in my new fleet, so I gouged out some the gun batteries and replaced them with lances to make a Slaughter class. After a few games though, I decided to add a few more Slaughters to my fleet, so I converted up the Aebethan and Eye of Terra, leaving the Lady Amelia looking a bit weedy by comparison.

After seeing the size difference, I decided to strip the ship down again, this time removing some more of the weapon batteries and adding a ton of lances to turn it into the Acheron class which it remains as to this day. I know that technically as a heavy cruiser, the Acheron should be bulkier than the the Slaughters, but I rationalise ity as the result of a combination of reinforced internal structure, high quality reactors to power the lances and a highly-trained Emperors Children crew to allow it to punch well above its nominal weight.

There's still a way to go on it, namely some detailing work, plus i want to cover up the remains of the batteries left over from the refitting process. then I need to try and somehow freehand the Emperors Children symbol onto it somehow.

It's getting there though. I'll show the rest soon.

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