Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sorceress Luhna WIP (painted by my girlfriend)

It's been a quiet few weeks hobby-wise for me, as I've had uni work to get through and my 22nd birthday celebrations. My Sons of Horus have just sat on their shelf, despite the next deadline for the Tale of 40k Gamer on Warseer being in the next couple of days. I did intend to work on them this evening, but me and my girlfriend got talking about her painting her own model. After a quick rummage through my models, we soon found one she liked - my Dark Elf Sorceress, using the Neferata model from the VC range.

Now after a quick look, we found that GW doesn't make her any more, so after a little consideration, I decided that my one could do with a repaint anyway, so i stripped it down and re-undercoated it it for her.

This is what she had after a few hours:

As you can see, it's still very WIP and she's not sure yet whether it's going to stay a Dark Elf or make the transition into a Wood Elf, but I'll keep you posted on it and put up updates as they come.

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