Saturday, 16 February 2013

Messerat Justaerin Squad

Following on from my last post, I also managed to get my Justaerin Terminators done.

I didn't manage to get a group shot of them, so I'll just show them one by one.

First up is Arrus Korthin:

While he's not as high a standard as I'd hoped to achieve, (mainly because I really hate painting black armour), hes still done, complete with weathering powders, which is always good

As I've said before, the pair of dueling swords represent lightning claws, due to his skill with them. I experimented with having them glow purple or blue to make them stand out more, but I decided in the end they look far better just as plain silver.

Next is Barrus Zorrin:

 I've armed him with a Combi-Plasma, Power Fist and Grenade Harness (for when I want to field them as a normal Legion Terminator Squad), but other than that, just a grunt really. Well, as much of a grunt as you can be when you're serving in the elite company of the Warmasters own legion.

And then we have Harvus Morradon:

Another guy with a Combi-Plasma, but this time alongside a Chainfist. I converted the Combi-Weapon from just an ordinary Bolter and the Plasma Pistiol from FW's Mk III weapon set, putting them to good use, as I wasn't going to be fielding them anywhere else. His fist was just taken from the normal GW Terminators and sliced up to fit

So there you have it. This is technically the first Legion squad that I've completed - Justaerin only need three men minimum. I do still need to do their transport though. and I'm still working on the other guys that came in the set - a Multi-Melta guy and Standard Bearer - but the basics are there.

What do you guys think of them?

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