Saturday, 16 February 2013

Severan and Kushur done

 Finally managed to get some Sons of Horus finished to a level I'm proud of.

Here are Severan and Kushur, done to what I feel is the best of my abilities and, even if I say so myself, looking pretty damn good.

I used Vallejo Weather Powders to 'dirty them up' a little, which made a huge difference in my opinion, as up to that point, I couldn't help but feeling there was something not quite right with them.

I also decided to give Severan a gilded skull to carry, seeing as up to then, his free hand was just waving about aimlessly - hardly a mark of an expert swordsman. Also, I read a great snippet of background in Betrayal that talks about the Sons of Horus dipping the skulls of their enemies in gold to preserve them as trophies and i knew I just had to include that in my force somewhere.
I know they still havn't got Legion/Squad markings or glyphs, but I've decided to do that at the end of the project, so it's easier to batch paint them and also gives me time to finalise my force and squad composition, without shackling certain models to certain squads.

Finally, here's here's some of their fellow Legion Veterans, almost done.

They're shaping up nicely too, I must say. I'll post more soon.

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