Monday, 4 March 2013

Khorneguy & Emiko - joint page on Twitter

I told you in my last post that my girlfriend wants to paint models with me (yay!) and take a generally more active part in my hobby. Right now, she's mainly interested in the painting side of things and sharing her work with the world. Naturally, I'm over the moon about this, as I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that it's very rare that a man can share his hobby with his significant other, but the question was 'who would this be done?'

After talking about ideas for turning the Wandering Mind into a joint effort, she said it wouldn't feel right taking up joint leadership of the blog that I started and have run for the last 5 years.

Because of this we've decided to start a Twitter page to cover our painting and modelling partnership. Not that there won't be the occasional post on here covering our joint work, but, like i said, she feels that the Wandering Mind should be for my stuff. It may be the case that in time she'll start her own hobby blog, but for now, she's happy to work from Twitter, as it means less time and effort maintaining it whilst she has university work to get done.

So on that note, allow me to introduce the 'Wandering Duo', run in joint partnership by Khorneguy and Emiko:

So if you have Twitter, pop in and say hi, follow and comment. Just don't forget that the Wandering Mind will be running as usual. I'll be dropping a link into the sidebar, so you can access it easily here too.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Twitter-verse. For now though, happy gaming!

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