Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Selling the lot!

A while back I launched Operation 8th Edition. I raised a grand total to £20, which then went on non-hobby stuff. Now i'm selling stuff again, but this is far more important.

I recently put a deposit down on a flat with my lovely fiance and we're moving in in a few weeks time. Now the future Mrs Khorneguy has said that she isn't putting up with the obscene amount of hobby stuff I have cluttering up my current place. Therefore 99% of it's got to go.

Here's a list of what I have so far. I'll add (a lot) more as I sort through what I've got over the next few days. Email me if you're interested


2 x SM Scout Bikes - 1 sealed in box, 1 seal broken, but everything is in there - £4 each
1x classic Iron Hand Straken, painted - £4
2 x SM Drop Pods, 1 is slightly damaged - £15 each
3 x Eldar Rangers - painted - £6
1 x AoBR Warboss - painted - £5
1 x AoBR Dreadnought - painted - £5
8 x Assault Marines - mostly painted, 1 converted to hold a meltagun - £10
45+ Ork Boyz of various types - painted - £25
1 x Ork Weirdboy - painted and converted (head swap) - £5
Various converted ork vehicles - £25 for lot or individual offers
6 x Skull Pass Spider Riders - unpainted, slightly damaged - £2
1 Ork Stompa - built, converted and painted - £45
1 x Pair of dragon wings from HE dragon - painted, slightly damaged - £4
1 x SM Tactical Squad - painted - £10
Apocalypse Rulebook - £20

Codices - £10 each

Chaos Daemons Codex
CSM Codex
Ork Codex
Tyranid Codex
Eldar Codex
Space Marine Codex
Space Wolves Codex
Vampire Counts Army Book
Orcs & Goblins book
Skaven Army Book
Beatsmen Army Book
6th ed Dark Elf Army Book
6th Ed Hordes of Chaos Army Book
6th Ed Lizardmen Army Book

Warhammer 7th Ed Rulebook - near Mint condition - £20
40k Mini Rulebook - £7
Chapter Approved 2003 - £10
2009 Space Hulk Tiles and Doors - £15
2009 Space Hulk Broodlord - £5

The Killing Ground by Graham McNeill - £4
Heroes of the Space Marines - £4
Eisenhorn Omnibus by Dan Abnett- £6
Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium omnibus by Sandy Mitchell- £6
Storm of Iron by Graham Mcneill £5
Signed hardback copy of Blood Pact by Dan Abnett - £15

Various back issues of WD dating back to 2003 - enquire for issue numbers - 75p an issue or 3 for £2

Postage will be worked out per item

There you go guys, go nuts, it's going to be helping me out a lot.

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  1. If you still have it, when I get paid (hopefully end of the week) I'll have The Killing Ground from you.

    BTW, have you removed yourself from Facebook?