Friday, 7 January 2011

I'm not dead!

Honest. I've just moved flat and been without internet for the last few months, so I've not had a chance to post anything up. I still can't post pictures up though because of my browser acting up but this is really just a post to let you know that I'm still around and doing hobby stuff. I'll have plenty for you to see once I've sorted out this technical issue, including:

- Hellebron on foot, finished, with a WIP of her on a Manticore

I'm finally getting her done, along with finishing up my Dark Elves, who've gone from being Khainites to a Beastmasters expedition (but still with plenty of witches in there in the form of Beast-catchers). The reason behind the change is mainly so i have an excuse to include as many big beasties as I can and keep it fluffy.

- Some of my Commission work

yes, I finally have some commission work coming in. It's not much but it's a start. What i'm working on at the moment is a Steampunk style Techmarine with a top hat. Sounds odd, but who am I to argue with a paying client?

- Magnus the Red WIP

This is something i'm really excited about. I've been reading the Horus Heresy series, in particular A Thousand Sons and I've been really inspired to sculpt my own version of Magnus to go with my pre-heresy Thousand Sons. It's still in the early stages, but I think this will be a worthy test of my sculpting skills.

Also, for those of you who remember last year, when I made a resolution to have a finished army by the 31st December, I've suceeded! I have a finished 1000pt Blood Pact force, sitting in front of me right now, fully painted and ready for war. Photographic proof is coming very very soon.

Right, i'm off to try and sort out the picture issue. Watch this space for plenty of hobby goodness in the very near future.


  1. The assassins shall be punished for their failure :D

    Blog updates though, hurrah.
    Having a cohesive looking fully painted army sure does give you a sense of accompishment. Think I've only ever had 2 done properly in my lifetime. High Elves and Guard.

  2. It is indeed a mighty sight, even if it's smaller than I expected

    I'm planning to do the same this year for my Dark Elves and Skaven-Gobbos, along with giving my Soul Drinkers a spruce-up.

  3. Good to see you haven't vanished off the face of the Earth. Tried texting back around November but heard nothing and since you vanished from Facebook as well I was getting worried.

  4. Nha not dead, just busy. I've been too skint for credit the last few months i'm afraid, but that should be sorted soon. Facebook went because i was sick and tired of the s**t i had to deal with from people on there. I'm happier without it tbh.

    How've you been?

    How's Primarchs doing?

  5. I'm not too bad. Skint due to Christmas and badly timed bills but can't grumble just yet.

    Primarchs is doing ok. We're about to start the new 40K league so that should be good. Still trying to fathom out somewhere that would be better than the pub but not having much luck finding anywhere.

    Hows things with you? Other than also skint. :-)