Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hellebron and her Manticore

As promised this is the start of my showing of progress. This is Hellebron on her Manticore. She’s more or less done apart from obviously adding arms (already done by the time I post), sculpting a cloak to visually link her to the Beastmaster who originally came with the Manticore model and finishing up the paint job. As you can tell she’s based off the Lelith Hesperax model from the new Dark Eldar range and held on by sculpting an extension to the mane around her legs - a long difficult task green stuff, milliput and repostioning the wing, now I see why so many people complain about the metal DE Manticore to be honest

The on foot version will be posted as soon as I work out where the bloody cat’s hidden it

Next from my DE are probably going to be my Wych-based Beast Catchers

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