Thursday, 7 October 2010

Even more Druchii

Just a quick update. I think I can honestly say at this point that I've never seen this amount of paint on one of my armies.

Some of the first rank of plastic Executioners

Hag BSB. The freehand's still WIP but I think it's going well. I'm going to dedicate a day or two soon to getting it done properly.

Assorted army shots. Nothing's completely done yet, but everything's in the later stages of WIP.

The spots you see on some of those crossbowmen shields are being turned into more freehand designs.

And finally, a WIP of what I'm doing with my Cauldron of Blood. There's going to be slaves and a Death Hag with a whip added

My god, at this rate I'll actually meet my goal of having a fully painted army by January. That's if I ever pull the money together to get my Witch Elves (45 of them don't come cheap)

Anyway enjoy and comment. Any comments or critiques are welcome.

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