Wednesday, 7 July 2010

8th Edition Blues

8th edition is looming this saturday and I think I might have to sell a kidney to afford it. I've got very little money coming in and even more going out. I thought I'd put some money aside for it, but then another bill came along. *Sigh* Damn £45 price tag

So I've been doing some serious thinking and I might sell some of my many armies. I'm going to sort out what i've got (over 400 models at my last count), then post it up so people can make me some offers.

Watch this space


  1. Good luck with that.
    I've already resigned myself to the fact I won't be playing warhammer for long while, if at all. Can only hope the new box set gets a more reasonable tag. The size and price of the book is somewhat excesive.

  2. I'm definitely in the camp that's skipping the big book. May pick up and break up the boxed set when it comes out.

  3. It's a nice book but when over two thirds of it is fluff and painted models, it is a bit much.

  4. Fluff is one of the main reason's i'm getting it instead of waiting for the boxed set. You know me, i'm a fluff gamer first and foremost, but £45 is way too steep.

    Colin, know anyone down the club looking to buy stuff atm?