Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Night Goblins

Despite the lack of money to buy the 8th edition book, i'm building a force to use in 8th Edition.

An army that's sat unpainted on my shelf for nearly a year now are my Night Goblins, so a long summer holiday before I head to off to uni and the shift of the game to focus on large hordes is the perfect excuse to get them done.

So without further ado, i present...

Slugart, Lord of not-very-much-at-all-but-has-a-troll-so-there.

Bit of a mouthful i know, but it's something me and my friend came up with when i was bouncing ideas off him for this army. He's my 'counts as' Skarsnik and Gobbla, the idea being he's an ambitious Night Goblin who's rise to power has mainly been due to the troll he's managed to train as his bodyguard (would you argue with that thing?). The full background for him and the other heroes of the force is coming in a later post.

He and his big unit of 40 gobbos are still WIP, but when they're done they're gonna form the core of my army, being a bunker for Slugart and a pair of Shamans.
Don't worry about the fact he's missing a hand and his weapon, i've just seperated it for painting purposes, to be reattached at a later date.

I've also built this...

What can i say? I've been watching Monty Python recently and i just got an overwhelming urge to build it. I didn't have a particular unit type in mind when making it, but with a bit of jiggling about, it can fit onto a chariot base, so it's probably going to be used either as a Snotling Pump Wagon or a Chariot of some description.

I'm open to suggestions if people have them.

That's it for now, mainly because I need a new battery for my camera, but there's plenty more where that came from.


  1. thanks :)

    I still need to add some details and find a chariot base for it, but it's more less done. I just need to find a place for it in my army now.

    And there's more contraptions to come!

  2. When I made something semi-similar for my Gobbos I used it as a giant. Pump wagon would be great too.