Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Operation 8th Edition: failure

3 days into my sale and so far the grand total made toards 8th edition is nothing!

That's right, nothing. Not even a single enquiry

I know times are hard financially and i'm only a small blog, but it's still frustrating.

Please help me out :(

here's an updated list, complete with prices

contact email is: rickyjoy9@yahoo.co.uk


Planetkill BL short story collection - £3
Vampire Wars - Steven Saville - £5
Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium - First Omnibus - Sandy Mitchell - £5
Witchhunters Codex (still usable!) - £5
6th Edition Hordes of Chaos Army Book - £3
6th Edition Lizardmen Army Book - £3
Ultramarines Omnibus by Graham McNeill (paperback) - £5
The Killing Ground by Graham McNeill (paperback) - £3

Models (can post pics if you need them)

50+ 40k ork boys
6 AoBR Nobs (unpainted)
1 Painted AoBR Warboss
1 Painted Weirdboy - £45 for the lot of these, make me an offer if you want something individually

Various Converted Ork Vehicles (pm for pics) £35-40 for lot

Carnifex - £15

Roughly 30 Plastic Zombies (built but unpainted) £22

Various White Dwarfs, dating all the way back to EoT campaign (2003), email me to enquire about issue numbers - £1.50 each

I'm also open to trades and i'm looking for the following

DE Witch Elves (any number)
DE Female Dreadlord model from GW collectors range
DE Hag Queen
DE War Hydra
DE Assassin
Night Goblins of any Variety
Skarsnik and Gobbla
Trolls (any kind)

Assault Marines or Jump Packs
Blood Angels Codex
Any BA Bitz with Grail/ Chalice design on them


  1. Unfortunately I am still trying to find out how to pay off my copy of 8th ed, and the money I still owe the shop for other stuff.

  2. Don't worry Colin, but could you spread the word to the guys down the club, directing them either here of the Primarchs forums?

    It's just a little depressing that i'm now 4 days in and there's no interest so far

  3. How many of the ork boyz are painted?

  4. pretty much all of them, minus a few AoBR ones