Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Some answers at last!

GW has posted upsome new FAQ's for both the 'Nids and Blood Angels. They clear up some major rules debates which have been raging for months now.

First up, the Doom of Malantia's Soul Leech ability does NOT work on units in transport vehicles.

Mawlocs can deliberately come up underneath units, instead of relying on luck to scatter them onto their target

Descent of Angels CANNOT be used on transport vehicles, so no more DoA-ing Land Raiders

BA Demolisher Cannons are exactly the same as the other marine codexes

Vehicles gain cover saves from Shield of Sanguinius - wow, they must really want us to mech up with BA. I'm tempted to do it myself after hearing this, although i've been against the mechanisation of my armies my whole gaming career (about 7 years)

There's a load more, but not as major as these. Check them out on the GW website if you want to know more.

On the whole, common sense has won out, but there's still some odd ones in there, like the fact that Shadow in the Warp doesn't effect units in transport vehicles, but i can forgive them that one, as the other 'Nid powers don't affect units in vehicles, so top marks for consistency.

It seems like GW's finally starting to address the real issues in its FAQs, which can only a be a good thing.

Only time will tell if they'll keep this up

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