Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Stuff I've painted this month

College has now finally finished, but that means i now have to find a job and start paying my way in life :(

On the other hand, i now have a ton of free time compared to before, so i've been painting. I've decided to work through the huge pile of random models that litter my desk, shelves, cupboard, army cases, etc. But me being me, i'm not working in a logical order, literally painting whatever the hell i feel like at the time. It's had mixed results. I'll leave it up to you to decide if it's good or not.

First up, i'm stripping down a load of (very) old models that have too many layers of paint on to even identify properly, let alone use. I'm using fairy power spray and it's working quite well on metal. Plastic's a slightly different story, as you'll see in a minute

Heres the first batch, freshly stripped. I know the top one (plastic scout in case you're wondering) isn't fully stripped, but as i said before, the power spray didn't work so well on plastic as metal. I think I might need repeated soakings to get it all off.

I've also been starting to work on the batch of scout bikes i got for my birthday back in February. I'm planning to eventually make a Salamanders Biker army. The low model count means i can take my time and paint them up really well (for me at least)

A batch of zombie Plaguebearers for my Deamons force

Possessed Dreadnought. Probably going to be used as a Lord of Change or Bloodthirster. Note that it's a Blood Angels Dread, the only chapter to get Librarian Dreadnoughts (the only thing easy to possess than a psyker is a nearly dead psyker!)

I'd nearly painted this guy when i decided he needed more flames and 'possession-y' stuff, so the final thing will look a lot more elaborate than this, complete with flaming wings coming out his back! I think it'll look awesome and it'll be good for WYSYWIG too.

The first of many Orcs

I also found a buch of random marine models whilst sorting through stuff, so i decided to paint some up, more as test models or experiments than with any consistent colour scheme in mind

I know it's random stuff, but what do people think of it all. Any requests on which stuff to paint up first? I've still got Blood Pact stuff in the works to show off too.

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