Wednesday, 31 January 2018

First model of the year

It's a month into 2018 and I realised that I haven't actually painted any models yet, despite playing loads of games.

Luckily I have the perfect project lined up to change this state of affairs:

Despite having collecting Thousand Sons and had the background for Alto Damokai, Praetor of the 55th Company worked out for a few years now, I've never actually had a model to represent him until now.

The 30k campaign down my local club has given me the perfect excuse to get him done. As you can see, he's based on the Kurtha Sedd model from Betrayal at Calth, with a Sternguard head and a few fantasy bits thrown in.

He's a long way off done yet, but I feel it's a solid start. Most of the work now is layering up from the washes and applying highlights, which will take a while. I'm hoping to have him done in the next week or two though, then I'll probably be working on my Breachers.

It's either that or I'll get distracted by Necromunda gangs. Progress will be made on my 'to do' pile either way!


  1. That’s a very funky conversion there, looks awesome (even for s thousand son!) 😂