Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pre-Heresy Thousand Son

Yes, I know he's got no arms, but i want to make sure i get the colour scheme right before I start messing around with weapons and wargear.

I also know he's not on the list of projects i set myself, but the list's been revised to suit my evolving financial situation (ie. I'm too skint for all the projects I wanted to start). Painting these guys replaces my Necron projects I had planned, seeing as I already have all the parts I need for them and rumours about the chaos legion codex have reignited my passion for the chaotic and misunderstood

So here we go, my first test model for my Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons.

I'm still working on him but you get the general idea for the colour scheme. Hardcore Horus Heresy fans would point out to me at this point that not all the Thousand Sons should have the crested helmets but, I'm planning to base the army around the elite of the legion, the Scarab Occult, so they would all have those crests.

I'm thinking of fielding them as Vanilla marines using this rough list

Tigerius (Senior Librarian, maybe even Ahriman himself)


2 x ten man Sternguard Squads (special ammo reflecting their powers)

2 x Scout Squads (representing Prospero Spireguard support)

2 x Bike Squads (representing Legion Jetbikes)

Land Speeder Storm (Anti-grav speeders which the Imperial Army had access to)

On the other hand I may just go with Grey Knights to represent them, but they're a bit cheesy for my tastes atm.

I think I'll get some more painting done before I decide on which list to use. I don't see myself doing much gaming before February anyway.

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