Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Bases? What the Hell?!

GW has just announced it's releasing the Screaming Bell and Dreadnought textured bases next month.

Looky here

Now the Dreadnought base i can understand. I've been wanting some of these without having to buy the full Dread to get it. I'll be picking up a few of these for my Bloodcrushers i'm making and if anyone else is like me (a scary thought, i know), they'll sell like hotcakes.

What gets me is the Screaming Bell base. It's not that i can't see why they're selling it. It's a new base size (something i wasn't aware of until today, despite facing one several times since its release - i thought it was a chariot base), so naturally it follows to sell it seperately, like every other sized base they make. I can imagine people building Hellpit Abominations and other big monsters on these things, or even mounting dioramas on one.

What was interesting though was the example they gave of its usage. They mounted twenty Night Goblins on one of them. Now i know some people mount multiple models on bigger bases, especially in horde armies, but twenty on one base? Seriously? I can't imagine a single situation where even twenty Gobbos would be removed from the table at once.

Call me crazy, but is this a sign of things to come in 8th edition? Will there be uber destructive weapons or spells out there that can wipe units out in a blink of an eye?

If so, I fear for our hobby

Also, as a side note, it also talks about mounting a High Elf Chariot on the bigger Screaming Bell base. Does this mean they're getting rid of the strict base size limits?

Discuss. Any and all theories are welcome


  1. It appears to only be 15. 5 x 3. Though of course the difference is fairly irrelevant.

    Though the comment describing it is right. It would make it a heck of a lot easier to set up. Just insanely difficult to paint, since they've been glued to the base already. Fail. ;-)

    Back to your point. Quite often a unit of NGs wouldn't last the distance to be cut down to a man. It's either going to win combat, or fail and get chased down. The latter, you just have to remove around 11 bases, totaling 25 models instead of (at a guess) 13 bases as previous! :-)

  2. I've looked again and it is indeed 15. I'm just not used to seeing Gobbos in groups of less than 20.

    If you're fielding Goblins, you use a standard movement tray or earn a slap from your opponent. I just see it as a pointless suggestion unless they're hinting at something
    for the near future
    It's quite a large group to remove all at once. Strips of 1 x 5 would work better in my opinion.

    The point i'm making is, why bring it out now, instead 6 months ago witht he Skaven release? I find the timing with 8th ed on the way, a little suspect.

    Then again, I am a cynical git at times

    But what about the Chariot comment? Last i heard you had to keep a chariot on a chariot base

  3. The prices are whacked out. I'm a dyed in the wool GW fanboy ... I love their stuff I love all of their games ... but the prices are starting to get a bit high on so much of their range. I'm really starting to more and more say screw that stuff ... this company has it cheaper or that company does. On bases I can pick up awesome bases from so many other sources that are solid and magnetized and have awesome sculpts on them ... for the same price or lower.

  4. The dreadnought bases are long overdue - they're going to sell extremely well in my opinion. And I think you're right about them going to look awesome on bloodcrushers :)