Saturday, 8 May 2010

Friday Top Ten #6

I kinda dropped the ball last week. Sorry about that.

Real life overtook me in a big way and i'm afraid it'll keep getting in the way. My studies and moving half way across the country next month will basically eat up all of my free time, hence why i've been resorting to doing lunchtime painting. Serious kudos to Ryan on FTW for finding the time to post his top ten on the same day every single week, as it's a lot hard than it first seems.

So this is the end of the Friday Top Ten as you know it. There'll still be a weekly Top Ten, just on whatever day i can find the time to post it up on. Some time in the future it will be restored to a set day, but for now, this is the way it has to be.

Here's this weeks list then

1. Big Will over at Heresy Workshop has this very nice pre-heresy veteran

2. These Howling Banshees by Stahly are just all kinds of awesome

3. Magilla Gurilla has this cool but slightly creepy Deamon Prince

4. Rob at Spikey Bitz has some truely epic Ninja Grotz

5. Suicide Badger has some cool Imperial Guard, complete with Xeno-Heretic Col. Straken!

6. Tolcrothlogan has some awesome Danes. I'm not usually one for historical figures, but these are just too good to pass by

7. Ron talks about playing 40k your way

8. John at Santa Cruz Warhammer demonstrates how to make Rhinos that make you go 'ooooh gribbly'

9. I want one of these models for my Khainite Dark Elves army and this one on Bellum Aeternum has brought my urge to impluse buy to the fore again. Truely inspirational paint job

10. And finally, Avertine at Zen 40,000 has this awesome Lamenters Captain

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    The honor and shout out are much appreciated!!!