Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lunchtime Progress 4th of may

May the fourth be with you

Sorry, it had to be said. Now on to why you're here.

My Manticore is based at last. Now i just have to do the details on him and find a good donor model to use for Hellebron herself.

If anyone knows of a good model, i'm open to suggestions. At the moment, i'm leaning toward this one....

My Cauldron of Blood is nearly done. Not the best of pictures but i was in a rush to snap them before heading back to the studio (hence the food wrappings in the background too)

All i need to do is find and paint the arms of the statue, detail the bottom and make a scenic base for the whole thing.

I'm getting there. Slowly but surely

Any thoughts or critiques are welcome


  1. The Manticore looks cool, that's a very deep, rich color you've chosen, and that base is absolutely brutal.

    I can't see it too well, but I like the contrast between the green and metallics on the cauldron as well. I'd like to see more.


    p.s. excellent choice in wafers, sir.

  2. The Manticore's coming along very nicely, looking forward to seeing it finished.

  3. @ Bsmoove

    I'll get more up pics of the Cauldron up tonight hopefully if i get time. I was in a rush earlier.

    And thanks. Those wafers are like a quid a tin down my local shop here and i'm a student so yeah, i kind of live off wafers and junk most of the time. Not good for me, but very tasty.

    @ Blitzspear

    The actual beast is very nearly done, should have pics in a few days time. It's Hellebron herself that'll be the hard part