Friday, 8 January 2010

Death Brigade and more...

Right, here's the pics of my first Death Brigade, based off the Kasrkin Boxed set. I just need to do the seargent now.

And my first completed Blood Pact squad. They all need a once-over with a file to remove/defile imperial insignia, but other than that, they're more or less good to go for painting, just need one more grotesk on the flame troopers

Trooper and Heavy Flamer

Seargent and Vox. The vox bloke doesn't have a grotesk, as i figured he'd need his mouth clear for working the comms, instead he has a cloth over his mouth, so he can still show respect to the Gaur and the Blood God whilst still performing his duty


Flamers. the twisty green stuff thing you see on the right is going to become a fleshy mutated arm

Family shot, minus one or two troopers who fell victim to formatting issues with the pic

Oh and i've built this as an unusual weapons 'team'.

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