Thursday, 7 January 2010

And you thought you were having a bad day...

Right, just a quick update to show the work i've been doing on my Manticore turret.

I've got a Death Brigade fully built now as well, but they can go up later when i have more time, as i'm about to head out for my weekly gaming night.


  1. Gruesome stuff there, mate.

    Mind if I ask where that turret came from?

  2. Looks like a Forgeworld Manticore turret and a cadian having a really bad day. Good GS work! I'm looking forward to your death brigade.

    I thought about using Spikey Bits' idea for my own:

  3. Yeah it is a Manticore Turret and a cadian. Ironically, he's a medic from the command squad boxed set.

    Personally, i never think my GS work is ever any good, but thanks anyway.

    i'll get the death brigade pics up as soon as i've pulled the pics off my camera